Bio Leather

As an eco-friendly brand, we recognize that we do not yet have a 100% vegan product as we use bio leather in our Destiny footwear, which is of animal origin. However, it is important to highlight that we are committed to minimizing environmental impact throughout our production process.

The bio leather we use has high durability, comparable to genuine leather, and is obtained from animals that have been raised for consumption purposes. Additionally, we use plant-based materials for leather pigmentation and glossy finishing, thus reducing environmental impact. In addition to its durability, bio leather also requires less water in its production, making it a more sustainable option.

Another important aspect is that the bio leather used in our Destiny footwear is metal-free and undergoes a finishing process specially developed to enhance its biodegradability. This means that when disposed of, bio leather is compostable and achieves complete disintegration within less than 30 days of incubation, following the highest environmental standards. This allows it to be transformed into natural fertilizers, contributing to a more sustainable cycle.

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