Although our main goal in production is to reduce industrial impact, it still exists and grows every day. Every human or industrial action produces Carbon (CO2), which directly contributes to global warming.

Realizing this, we started the +Photosynthesis campaign, in order to contribute to the reduction of the impact of Carbon (CO2) and improve the production of Oxygen (O2), while we also reduce the advancement of global warming.

And how will we do this? Through you! For each pair of Destiny purchased, you will receive some seeds from the Tree of the Future, along with instructions on how to plant it. From there, the key is in your hands, and we count on you to bring about the change we want to see in the world.

The Tree of the Future, as it is known, is the Paulownia, a species that stands out for its ability to grow quickly, easily adapt to a wide variety of climates (ranging from -20°C to 45°C), quickly recover and control and stabilize soil erosion, providing nutrients for unproductive soil to recover. But, in addition, the cultivation of Paulownia is known for its ability to fix CO2, as it absorbs ten times more carbon dioxide than other trees and emits much more oxygen.

All of these characteristics make the species known as the "tree of the future", with a significant touch of sustainability, being a great ally in combating climate change.

The planting of a small tree may seem like a small thing in the face of a global issue, but if everyone brings forth their Tree of the Future, we will already be one step closer to the destination we want.


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